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Reference Letter: How to Write a Reference Letter that Wins

To be honest, getting your reference letters can be a herculean task. But just getting one is not the goal, if it does not contain some of the important details I am about to show you, your application for permanent residence may be rejected out rightly.

You will have learned that skilled work experience is a germane part of the Express Entry application; to prove that you have a skilled work experience, you need a reference letter from your employers or work places where you have applied these skills, describing the positions you held and duties you performed.

Important Details to Include in your Reference Letter

The CIC has so much work on its hands that it has little time trying to make sense of a single applicant’s reference letter, hence, yours should be carefully worded so that the really critical details are palpable without much effort.

So let’s dive in and show you what information to include in your reference letter and how to include them.

Note: Your reference letter must be written on a company letterhead paper. Any other medium is not accepted, not even an email employment confirmation.

  1. Full Names: Ensure that your full names are written out and that they match your names as written on other documents that are included in your application. Preferably, always use the names on your passport, to avoid confusion.
  2. Company contact details: This should contain all the information by which your company can be identified and contacted. Below is a list of information that should be included in your company’s contact details; although there are mandatory information required by the CIC, I have some suggestions added for the sake of emphasis:
    Full address
    Telephone numbers
    Email address
    Website address (my addition)
    Stamped with company seal (my addition)
  3. Signature of your personnel officer or immediate supervisor: In case your supervisor no longer works at this company, get someone within the company, who knows you and is in a position of authority over you to sign your letter.
  4. Business Card of the Personnel who signed your Letter: Even though you are now required to upload only a soft copy of the business card, it is still very important that you upload or submit the business card with your reference letter.
  5. Confirm all the positions you held at the company: You should outline each position you held, and include these details for each position you held:
    Job designation (if you can, do include the corresponding National Occupational Classification –NOC – with it).
    Detailed list of duties (what you did at this designation)
    Job status (Is this your current job?)
    The dates you worked for the company (the date you resumed and if you have left the job, the date when you left the job)
    Number of hours you worked per week
    Your annual salary
    Other benefits you got from the job (if applicable)

Admittedly, there is no silver bullet to solving the reference letter issue, but adhering to this guideline may increase the success chances of your permanent residence application.

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